Event : “RABBIT” Photo Exhibition by TADA VARICH
Brand : Tada Varich
Venue : Mob F. , Siam Center
Date/Time : 23 July 2010, 18.00

“RABBIT” Photo Exhibition by TADA VARICH @ Mob.F, 4th Floor of Siam Center

Mob.F, the first-ever multi-brand store of Thai designers, joining hands with Bangkok University and Tada Varich renowned photographer, is hosting “RABBIT” Photo Exhibition by TADA VARICH featuring a special set of purely artistic photographs from July 23 to August 8, 2010, at Mob.F on the 4th floor of Siam Center.

The fashion world is alive with assorted professions like designers, models, stylists, make-up artists, hairdressers and fashion editors. Photographers are another crucial piece of jigsaw puzzle that cannot be overlooked. Among numerous photographers in Thailand, only a few are as well-known and widely accepted as Tada Varich or George. His own style as well as unique and outstanding work makes him stand out in the crowd. Thus, Mob.F, multi-brand store of Thai designers for people with true identity, in cooperation with Bangkok University, is holding this high-profile photographer’s exhibition featuring “RABBIT” the most recent talk of the town at Siam Center, Center of Fashion.

Tada Varich revealed, “RABBIT was inspired by my journey to New York. It started from the need to propose fresh and distinctive alternative from other photo magazines in the market. “RABBIT” photo magazine is therefore published to present the art of nature in the old days. You will find pure beauty in lady’s silhouette among greenery and stream. Behold this with your own eyes and you will be attracted by her innocence and charm.”

Tada Varich, with over 15 years of experience in photography, has developed his own signature – photos of women in natural and unpretentious appearance with a hint of allure, beauty and sophistication. Thanks to his drawing skill, he can turn his work into realistic and natural masterpieces. The past experience in the land of freedom like the United States of America also helps him earn the unique point of view and technique that effortlessly impresses and approaches people. His work in both Thai and international fashion magazines always colors up the world of fashion and is most talked about. It is said that any models whose photos are taken by Tada Varich will be the most beautiful cover girls with the most eye-catching work anyone could ever ask for. That is why it is still a dream of many models to pose in front of his camera.

Witness the true beauty of Tada’s latest work and own “RABBIT” magazine, with over 80 masterpieces defining the genuine art of photography, at “RABBIT” Photo Exhibition by TADA VARICH from July 23 to August 8, 2010, at Mob.F on the 4th floor of Siam Center. For further information, please contact 0-2658-1115.

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