Kenzo : Women Autumn/Winter 2010/11

Kenzo Defile Fall/Winter 2010/11 by Antonio Marras

The day erupts
The colour of the sky
Costumes change
Haiku by TAIGI

It’s the fashion melting-pot of 2010. The heritage of the Kenzo fashion house, the fashion that Kenzo taught us to love. It gives space to the body, and takes the first step towards liberty. Liberty, as well a conquest of the spirit and a desire to discover the “unknown”. All the while leading to a sense of lightness and gaiety.

An eruption of colours exploding: yellow, purple, terracotta, red.

Without aggression or restriction, colours seep into each other over tones of grey, they manifest themselves in prints, jacquard wools, plaid and tartan as well as embroideries and embellishments.

Free from all rules, prints multiply and come together, mixing in complex patchworks. Patterns go together, and then disassociate so as to interrupt the rhythm which then recreates itself in another form. Florals, colour blocking, mixtures of fabrics, the application of prints, spots and stripes, graphic features and motifs overlap to create recognisable and iconic silhouettes. They draw inspiration from the many references to exotic worlds dreamed up by Kenzo, whilst realising a balance between different cultures. A mixture of the style of iconic and beloved women from Marisa Berenson, Florinda Bolkan, Maria Schneider, Tina Chow and Jean Shrimpton to Farah Fawcett and Angelica Huston.

ต้องการความแน่นอนในเรื่องการเก็บภาพบนเวทีมั่นใจในทีมบันทึกภาพโดย ThaiCatwalk Teamติดต่อ หรือกดชมราคาเบื้องต้น

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