ct01-086FashionShow : Creatively Thai 2013 – Show 19-1
Brand : Akara, Raya, ISMC, VX, IAMES
Venue : Vivo City, Singapore
Date/Time : 19 June 2013, 11.00

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Creatively Thai 2013 – The Remix of Culture, Show 19-1

Photo by Jirakrit (Tony)

ISMC Concept for Vivo Fashion Show 2013

Inspired by new 2013 trend that lean more to vivid and lively color that allow imagining about holidays and festival. Our unique designs using lumi color, which glow in the dark – well balance with different kinds of materials. Not only colorful flower concept but also elegant designs on our dress/T-shirts reveal more impressive look Contact name: คุณชัญญา วอร์วิค ( Ms. Chanya Warwick)

13/11 Moo2, Bangkratruauk, Sampran, Nakornpatom 73210 Thailand
www.is-mc.com , Email : is_mc99@yahoo.com , ksnasiath@yahoo.com , info@is-mc.com

Designers ที่ได้โชว์ กรุณา ส่งรายละเอียดคอลเลคชั่น, business contact, เพื่อนำลงเครดิตที่ thaicatwalk@hotmail.com

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