hkfw0903Fashion Show : “On the Desert Road to Alexandria”
Brand : IKA
Venue : Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Date / Time : 13 January 2009 ,20.00

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IKA : Hong Kong Fashion Week 2009 Fall/Winter

“On the Desert Road to Alexandria”

A leadinglight among stablossoming new wave of futuristic and creative designers, Ika’s adventures yet seductive designs flow out with a powerful “Exotic radiance”. In this collection Ika has combined her love of working with other innovative individuals with a new vision of Egypt, the metamorphosis that the ancient civilization has endured leading to the present.

With her partner John Keilman and her husband Jay Bouton, Ika has taken her new collection “On the Desert Road to Alexandria” to new heights, using a unique combination of patch techniques with slashing, piping, embroidery and hand work.

The success of Butoni is credited to great team work, unusual designs that differ from the current trend, adding accessories as final touches to the finishing of a garment. It is an exciting process, watching Butoni grow tremendously since 2003. Butoni now works with scrores of talented staff occupying three floor of a building in Hong Kong, satisfying clients in 33 countries across the globe. Butoni product range now includes a menswear collection with an increasing demand for more individual designs.

Indonesia-born, Hong Kong based fashion designer Ika, treats designing as serious issue. “For me fashion design is not persay a career but a way to express myself day to day”. She said, “because Indonesians are so culturally gifted , my colour sense has been enriched. My roots also contribut to my major strength in embroidery, which I use a lot in my collections”. She realized very early in her career that there is no alternative to hard work, while design is subjective to the viewer. Having accepted to this, she discover that there are successive layers of inspiration in creating a collection while thinking of herself as a spectator in the imaginary world. “I firmly believe that I draw inspirations from my travels and my interaction with people from different lands that help me to develop the basic ingredients of my creations that are sprinkled with constant research of fabrics, continual experimentations with new embroideries and staying abreast of new technologies.

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