hkfw1014Fashion Show : Global Sphere by IKA
Brand : IKA
Venue : Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Date / Time : 19 January 2010

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IKA : Hong Fashion Week 2010 Fall/Winter


World leaders and concerned citizens continue to focus on the issues of climate change and global warming as discussed and debated in the Copenhagen Summit. This captured IKA’s imagination for her collection and provided fuel for her creativity. She drew her design inspiration from the beauty of planet earth, its people and the galaxy beyond.

The past year has been turbulent for world weather patterns. It is time for us to reach out and embrace our changing planet, doing our part to save it from continuing destruction. The cold regions are warming, melting the glaciers at a rapid pace while the hot belts are facing intensified heat. Considering this, IKA dug deep within herself and drew out three elements for her theme of GLOBAL SPHERE: Modern Nomad, Nordic Winter and Geo Swirl.

Modern Nomad

The world grows smaller as our traveling increases. Today’s internationalism requires citizens of the global village to crisscross the world to stay connected with each other, very much like the nomadic travelers of the past, but in a modern setting. We are the Modern Nomads.

Inspired by the Nordic winter and the sun drenched tropics, IKA tells the story of our modern nomadic life by combining geometrics mixed with stripes along with floral and animal skin fabrics in earthly winter tones of sky blues and tundra greens, sprinkled with magenta reds and sometimes patches of contrasting black and white. Warm soft wool wrap-coats are sometimes double-sided in long, medium and short lengths, conjuring a winter Lapland scene yet fitting perfectly into the modern urban scene.

Nordic Winter

Snowy peaks of the mountains and icy glacial masses are being diminished by the warming planet. IKA is taking inspiration from the low sun angle of Nordic winter land. This paints the landscape a glistening silken sheen, azure blue kissed with pink, different shades of glacial blue with burnt sienna, lilac purple and Midas gold. These are artistically combined and intertwined with shimmering metallic grays and chintz browns.

IKA continues to experiment with geometric, angular symmetry colliding with linear patterns from the past, elevating them to new artist heights. Metal elements glide and dot the creative pieces, clashing cultural jagged metal on smooth metallic surfaces like playing metal music.

Geo Swirl

Planet earth spins & swirls through the galaxy. Ika not only displays curvilinear but also linear lines, squares, triangles, trapezoids, rhombus and diamond shapes and forms found in the geological formations evolved through millions of years or in newly formed snow flakes, ice crystals and hexagonal volcanic rock columns.

Fabrics of glittering stars on an incandescent sky with bursts of an occasional volcanic red send the ladies rocketing into figure hugging outfits or loose gear for the easy riders and urban cowgirls in virtual reality.

The juxtaposition of soft curves and hard lines give birth to new visual forms of harmony in IKA’s fashion vocabulary, toward the enhancement and accentuation of the woman’s figure while sometimes discreetly hiding the unwanted lumps, bumps and bulges.

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