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Look Book F/W 10 : Headquarter – Sunshine


Look Book Fall/Winter 2010 : Headquarter – Sunshine

Sunshine by Jirat Subpisankul

Sunshine, a men’s street wear fashion brand created by Thailand’s fashion designer/ renowned stylist, Jirat Subpisankul, introduces its latest Fall/Winter 2010-2011 men’s collection under the theme of “Trans Global Underground”; a gathering of inspirations from various cultures and surroundings to combine with the hint of sportswear, which is the brand’s distinct signature, into a perfect harmony of outfits.

A medley of cultures from all over the world has been taken as a major inspiration for Sunshine, whether it is a cowboy costume from America, the British-Indian style clothing, or a sleek outfit of New York’s Wall Street guy. Apart from the mixture of cultures, this season still witnesses the technique of “layering”, which is another collection’s key look, as it allows more rooms for styling creativity. Jackets, the major pieces of Sunshine, are reinterpreted with a modern flair and available in both boxy and aviator-inspired styles. The length is made shortened to create a more avant-garde look. A checked pattern shirt, available in both slim and loose fits, is stylishly paired with a perfectly refined vest from the age of Swinging London, or worn under a long coat. Trousers come in various new patterns, inspired by Indian and fisherman pants. Southern Thai fisherman pants are interpreted and re-made in Sunshine’s own definition to embrace both the comfort of wearing and the strong sense of fashion. Prints and patterns are abundant, such as the military camouflage on clothing. Patching different prints and materials together is another prominent technique in this collection. The technique is added to some silhouettes of shirts to create illusive lines of layered outfits. This patching trick is inspired by western culture’s layering technique, while adapted to suit the warm and humid weather in Thailand. Dressing with lots of interesting techniques is instead what suitable for stylish Thais. Sunshine also designs a long scarf that can be used to accentuate the outfit, whether to simply decorate the outfit, tie around the waist, or add a personal touch to your style. This season’s shoes collection focuses on the Pirate boots decorated with long straps similar to those ankle wraps of Chinese ladies to create a novel effect, suitable for bold and daring Sunshine’s gentlemen who are in love with the mix-and-match style.

Headquarter Fall/Winter 2010


Headquarter, a multi-label hub for men’s stylish streetswear brands on the 3rd floor of Siam Center introduces the latest Fall/Winter 2010 Collections from three renowned brands: Realistic Situation by Patsarun Sriluansoi, Sunshine by Jirat Subpisankul, and Chai by Chai Jiam-Amornrat

Fall/Winter 2010 collections for stylish men from Realistic Situation, Sunshine and Chai are available for your selection in this September at Headquarter, 3fl. Siam Center. Tel: 02-658-1048

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