Look Book A/W 10 : Milin
Autumn / winter 2010
‘CatFight for Spotlight’

It’s all about behind-the-scene extravaganza and glamorous cat fight for Milin’s latest Fall/Winter collection. The urban fashionistas’ new favourite brand is returning in full force with a new story, new inspiration which revolves around the dirty scandals and girlish grudges behind the spectacular beauty pageant.

After a sensual summer collection, Milin Yuvacharuskul and her design team approach the fall/winter season with yet a gloomier take with stories about dark side of the picture-perfect beauty queens contest. The Cat Fight for Spotlight collection uncovers ugly doings and dirty tricks the gorgeous contestants employ in putting down their rivals from fighting their way to the top to bullying. Setting the mood for the collection is the backstage chaos, which is reinterpreted into forms, techniques and the much-loved Milin’s signature prints.

Milin’s favourite mini-dresses remain the staple for the collection, this time with techniques such as fabrics hanging and layering, and quilting in different layers to achieve a new dimension. Top item such as high-waisted shorts are modified for better comfort, and it’s best when paired with a half top. The collection’s new delightful additions range from cape coat inspired by beauty queens’ cloak, cropped suit jacket, knitted dress to t-shirts and tanks with screen print bearing nasty words. Evening dresses come with signature print and slit to flash lean legs and the miniskirt layered underneath.

The collection’s signature prints are borrowed from none other than the beauty pageant – the way each contender fights to the top by bullying one another from putting broken glasses in the shoes to throwing cosmetics at others, together with the omnipresent make-up essentials from powder to blushers, eye-shadows and glitters — all translated onto clothes that compose a fun and interesting collection. Slits are cleverly done so it opens only when walking while cutouts are layered with sequins for extra luxury. Fabrics layering plays with the length of each layer. The key palette is nude – which refers to the diverse range of skin tones of contestants from various nations, ranging from champagne beige, beige, pale gold and sandstorm, contrasted with tango red and some bold hues to represent the hot rivalry to become the most beautiful one.

Become the most beautiful one with Milin from now.

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