Look Book A/W 10-11 : Painkiller
A/W 2010-2011 “AZURE” Collection

For this Autumn/Winter 2010-2011, PAINKILLER presents “ Azure” the monotone collection. The palette consists of different shades of Blue such as Bleu de France, Cobalt, Navy, Palatinate and Glaucous, with accent colors: Grey, Black and White.

In noble french, Azure means Blue but this word, in fact, is originated from Persian language Lazhward, which was the name of a place where people mine the deep blue stone called Lapis Lazuli.

Azure is inspired by a story “The Ebony Horse” featured in “One Thousand and One nights”. Just like a classic bedtime story, it’s about one Persian prince on his white horse, fighting the evil sultan to rescue the beautiful princess.
One small trait makes this folklore outstandingly interesting and avantgarde in its time, the white horse is a robot.
Yes, a giant horse carved out of ebony that could fly. The ancient vision of a Harley Davidson+Private Jet! Rose to the sky like a Pegasus without wings!

PAINKILLER propose new key pieces such as Harem Pants, Sweat Pants, Hooded Jacket, Hand- printed oxford shirts, Hand-printed poplin Thobe, cropped Jacket, Faux Perfecto Jacket, Sleek Vest and some T-shirts with hidden pockets.
Angle cut creates new vibe to classic pieces while Velvet ribbon decorations give hints of Persian inspiration. The golden zippers are for the “need for speed” touch.

The use of fabrics are upon comfort and function, the luxuriously soft fabrics such as Rayon, Velvet Sweat Jersey, Faux-silk draperies etc. add comfort whereas The coated-wool and the Merino add sharpness to clothes.
The bags are made of Genuine cow leather mixed with rough Gabardine, from the men’s clutch to the weekenders. Lighter weight is the key!


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