EFW’10 : Elegrant Rock Glamorous Love
Brand : Vatit Itthit
Venue : Tent @ CentralWorld
Date/Time : 16 October 2010, 19.30

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Vatit Itthit : ELLE Fashion Week 2010

Vatit Itthi

Vatit Virashpanth/Itthi Metanee

Vatit and Itthi had worked professionally with each other as costume designers before when they were in college in Thailand. Then after graduations in the U.S., Vatit went to work as assistant designer at the couture house in Chicago. Itthi has worked for TV Production Company as a writer and producer before he went to school in the U.S. In 2002, Vatit and Itthi started a ready-to-wear line called Vatit Itthi in Chicago for the first time. After making a triumphant debut in the Thai fashion scene as ELLE Fashion Week’s young designer, they continue the collection every season in Bangkok’s Market. For this Collection, the duo was inspired by the dressing of tribal people in the north of Thailand and applied it into their neat, clean and elegant signature style.

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