09July46Fashion Show : Ika, One Love
Brand : IKA
Venue : Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Date / Time : 7 July 2009

IKA – One Love


To Ika, it’s never a boring routine to create twice yearly collection. She welcomes the excitement and challenges in exploring, selecting and creating a series of new collection.

Since 1985, the Hongkong Fashion Week is the place where one would find Ika’s latest collection each Summer or Winter. This placed her as the only longest standing fashion designer that has shown in Hongkong.

The fashion observers, media and buyers commented that at one could find surprises in Ika’s Collection at fashion shows carrying specific themes.

Following the Autumn-Winter 09 theme “On The Desert Road to Alexandria” in which the Egyptian culture was explored, this July collection sees Carribean as the theme with title from the Jamaican Bob Marley “ONE LOVE”, presented at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center, Wanchai, Hongkong on 7 July, 2009.

Ika enjoyed her research and exploration through the Carribean and Jamaican islands, before launching the 40 sets collection on stage.

In “ ONE LOVE”, Ika was inspired with the more relax and fun life style on the tropical islands, filled with Nature and Love. In the “ONE LOVE” collection Ika translated these feeling with multi~florals handwork combined with dynamic geometric lines. Colours ranging from the soft romantic nuances traveling to the bright and strong lines, combining colour play with unique finishing technique which has been Ika’s handwriting; the patchwork, slashing, piping, embroidery adding the carefull attention to these hand works. Ika combined fabrics normally never placed in one garment, yet has given a great new twist. Lace patched over chiffon, piping or slashing techniques over lace. Stripes over Jersey print, etc.

With each fashion week at the Hongkong Fashion Week, Ika’s collection and presentation have been the awaited shows as she would unwrap the next theme which has been packed with exciting research, vast exploration, carefully selected music, merging them into one of creativity and entertainment, elegance, romantics with a twist of wit.

As interesting as her collection, Ika took this opportunity to introduce and to promote her country fellow. Dewa Nugraha/ Nugie assisted by Donnie Ardhia worked on the choreography of the stage and models, while Alexa d’Heureuse and Ratih Dhamma Iswari, the two models for the first time to taste the catwalk away from home alongside other International models from France, USA, Russia, Khazakstan, Italy and Hongkong. All arrived home as the celebrated choreographers and models. This shows Ika’s love and dedication for Bali and Indonesia, which has given a lot of inspiration and colors to her life.

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