FashionShow : Star Creation
Brand : Star Creation
Venue : Tent @ Orchard
Date/Time : 16 May 2011, 15.00

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Star Creation Show : AFX’11
The search is on for Asia’s next fashion Star

Photo by Nattawat (Jade)

Aspiring fashion designers have until end January to submit their entries for 2011’s Star Creation, and vie for their spot on the runway at the Asia Fashion Exchange

Star Creation, an Asia-wide fashion design competition which was launched last year, is back and on a quest once again for new design stars.

Spearheaded by the Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore (TaFf) and part of the Asia Fashion Exchange (AFX), Star Creation aims to uncover new local and Asian talents and groom them into becoming tomorrow’s fashion stars.

The competition is open to aspiring designers between 16 and 35 years old who are Asian citizens. Designers will need to submit six original and previously unreleased designs. They should not have more than two years in the fashion industry or be engaged in retail activities of their designs or labels during the period of participation. The closing date for entries is 31 January 2011.

2 Thai Designers :

Maythar Thadavi, 34, Thailand
Maythar, known as Milo to most, is a final year student at Thailand’s Chanapatana International Design Institute who is passionate about fashion as he is about photography. His collection, The Field of Love, was inspired by a recent trip to Sapa, Vietnam. He struck by the views of terraced rice fields being lovingly tended by rice farmers and the respect they demonstrated for the environment they were in. Milo borrowed from the scene the lines and curves he used to soften the overall look of his designs, and chose to use natural, environmentally-friendly fabrics.

Karn Karnjanamai, 25, Thailand
Sometimes people get so used to things and people they see every day, that they stop really looking at them. That sentiment is what inspired Karn, a student in Thailand’s Bunka Fashion Academy, to come up with Jabkang – The Laborer Culture. The collection casts the spotlight on construction workers, who are depended on everywhere in Asia to bring buildings to life. It draws on functional details like the way they tie long-sleeved shirts around their heads and tuck their pants into their boots and gives them a stylish twist.

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