KlosetEFW’05 : Kloset red Carpet, Forget Me Not
Brand : Kloset red Carpet
Venue : Tent @ CentralWorld
Date / Time : 5 November 2005, 15.00

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ELLE Fashion Week 2005 : Kloset red Carpet, Forget Me Not

Kloset red Carpet
Introducing Kloset Red Carpet, our more sophisticated line of the Kloset brand.

Kloset Red Carpet blends street style with refined glamour adding a classic touch, which we call street couture. Focusing on detailed handcraft techniques to create the exquisite red carpet look. Following on from our success in Thailand, we now export the red carpet line to some of the hippest cities such as London, Paris, Antwerp, and Hong Kong. Kloset Red Carpet Winter Collection 2005 Forget Me Not The collection is inspired by a romantic night of a couple in an enchanted city in Eastern Europe, which effects on our own unique special print. Main color used in this collection are black, purple and brown with a glimpse of sharp blue and metallic. Handcraft works which Kloset is strongly at, can be seen in almost every piece such as crystal and stone stitching.