SretsisEFW’05 : Sretsis, A Happy Accident
Brand : Sretsis
Venue : Tent @ CentralWorld
Date / Time : 6 November 2005, 15.00

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ELLE Fashion Week 2005 : Sretsis, A Happy Accident

Sretsis Spring / Summer 2006
A Happy Accident

It’s one of those rare moments when you thought something has gone terribly wrong, but is actually happens for the best possible reason.

Watching the blue Lagoon, at first you might have thought, two poor kids stranded alone on a deserted island… that’s unfortunate.  Then looking at the other side, shipwrech… blue sky…. White sand… and a lover, wouldn’t you call that an ultimate happy accident?

Being upset for missing the plane and bump into your dream guy who’s waiting for the next flight, or simply throwing clothes together but look better than an outfit you plan for hours… that’s accidentally perfect.

It’s a rare chance, but when it does happen… it goes beyond your expection.

Thanks for flying with us
Sretsis Crew