Seoul Fashion Week – 17 Oct 11

Designers with International Fame Such As Jung, Ku Ho and Park, Youn Soo Grace 2012 S/S Seoul Fashion Week!
Feminism Combines with Minimalism to Create New Femininity

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HEXA BY KUHOThe opening of 2012 S/S Seoul Fashion Week was celebrated with the collection of HEXA BY KUHO, which attracted huge attention with a distinct mix of avant-garde and minimalism. The 33 clothes presented here had also gained rave reviews in the last 2012 S/S New York Fashion Week. The collection started with pure-white pants look and flaunted a minimal color palette spanning from Turquoise blue to burgundy and black. The bold fringe detailing seen throughout the show helped add wit and class to the garments. The finale offered an elegant permutation of dresses motifed with antique medals of various forms. The hand-painted prints gave the collection both glamour and fun. Besides, the linear detailing borrowed from men’s wear created an androgynous appeal on the female models. Accessories like shoes and bags completed the collection theme. The bold pumps, inspired by men’s shoes, and the bags, a wonderful reinterpretation of men’s briefcase, made the manish look more fun to see.
BIG PARK by Park YounsooThe collection of Park Younsoo began with shirt-dresses with bold tiger prints. Actually, the traditional tiger prints, evoking the image of folk tiger paintings, dominated throughout the collection. Inspired by ‘chaesaek sasudo(彩色 四獸圖; colored painting depicting four beasts)’, a mural of the changung(欑宮) depicted in Sukjong Sanreung Dogam Euigwae(Formality Manual from the office in charge of construction of the Royal tomb for King Sukjong), the tiger images were now used for various sport looks as well as shirt-dresses. The key items in his collection, where sportism met traditional Korean prints, were baseball jumpers. The over-sized baseball jumpers with ethnic fringe and stud decorations delivered a rock’n roll mood, while creating a distinct silhouette when matched with tailored jackets. The black and white color tone was fairly simple, but the look was accented by the shoes with various colors. Stark contrasts between leather and silk or between black and white created an uplifting vibe filling the space with more dynamic energy than ever.
SON JUNG WANSon Jung Wan, spending his second season in New York Fashion Week, received much applause for his uniquely feminine collection. The show, an elegant mix of 70s’ glamour and retro mood, presented blouses, boleros, high-waist shorts and wide pants through mixing neutral colors like beige and cream with silk and other glittering materials. The ‘minimal glam look’ naturally emphasized the body lines with its simple silhouette. The use of diverse materials was another drawcard for Son’s collection. Washed chiffon, silk and jersey in combination with light, soft linen, leather and a little stiff-looking cotton added a nice balance to the silhouette. The raw cutting without a sew-up margin was also impressive, which helped create a young and sporty mood, while maintaining elegance and femininity
MOON YOUNG HEEThe Moon Young Hee collection, a gracious mix between modern and French belle époque, opened up with clothes of audaciously separated sides and lines, evoking the works of Mondrian. They also brought the images of Korean paper craft, hinting that, if she has gained her fame in Paris, her collection remains strongly attached to the oriental roots. Her girly sensibility began standing out from the middle of the show. While mini-dresses accented by ruffles and drapes dominated her show in the last season, she featured a more mature look this season with midi-length skirts. Her distinctive match between light, soft texture and elegant silhouette was true to the Parisian trends and, at the same time, to the contempo designs in New York. Black looks with bold pleats reigned in the latter part of the show, in rapturous harmony with natural materials including linen, silk and cotton and toned-down green, blue and yellow.
Gee, Chun Hee / MISS GEE COLLECTIONGee, Chun Hee’s MISS GEE collection made a grand finale of the opening day of 2012 S/S Seoul Collection, where a group of top models including Jang Yun-joo, Song-Gyeong-ah, Han Hye-jin and Kim Won-gyeong graced the catwalk in over 70 clothes. Under the theme, ‘Silhouette of Wind’, her elegantly feminine look started with a see-through chiffon long dress matched with a trench jacket. The wind-fluttering chiffon dress and the hair band in perfect match with curly hair wonderfully represented her fashion philosophy, ‘Femininity makes women’s clothing most beautiful.’ Billowy dresses, one-piece dresses with leisurely silhouette and swoopy jersey dresses all contributed to completing the image of rich-minded and beautiful women. The red-carpet dresses with a chandelier backdrop conveyed glamour and elegance. Many celebrities occupying the front row were also busy selecting their own favorites for the up-coming year-end awards.