Ika Butoni collection ‘Autumn Breeze’

The title is short and precise, with a clear intention not to dwell in anything playful, nor flowery. The theme is consistent with its title: Autumn Breeze, which:

1. marks the change of the seasons, from summer to autumn.

2. also mean a change from playful, cheerful Summer to a more serious Autumn.
Due to the economic situation in the world, Ika Butoni’s has the attitude ‘Brace for Impact’ in dealing with the situation.
Although Asia do not have the downturn in economy like compared with EU and the USA, we must be prepared and be alert as the world is like a rotating globe. The work this time is more serious, though not heavy.

3. Breeze, breeze through blends of the colors, light such as maroon, dark aubergine – eggplant, midnite
blue, forest green … No surprise color this time.

The cutting and the technical work is more seriously handled in facing the tougher world competition. Instead of the popular geometric design prints, Ika Butoni uses handwork such as embroidery/ application, slicing, patching, piping, to present the collection.

Apart from the regular buyers who attended the show, Ika Butoni’s fashion show is a much waited event by fashion experts / professors of fashion schools in Hong Kong. After the show, Ika Butoni send DVD Video to the school for their class discussions.

Started in 1983, the quality of design and finishing of Ika Butoni can be compared to any of the world fashion houses.
Buyers were pleased as they don”y have to changed any shape to suit to their market. They felt the collection could easily be shown in their countries.

Fabrics used: wool, Lace, silk jersey, Cashmere, wool reversible jacquard, lace, chiffon, taffeta, leather and PU.

Outstanding handwork and stitching techniques that stand out is makrame, knit, crochettes, piping, slicing, slashing and applications.

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