‘Hello, my name Is Paul Smith‘ is an iPad app that offers you unprecedented access to Britain’s foremost designer. Inviting you to see the world through Paul Smith’s eyes, explore his inspirations and understand the method behind the magic.

“My ideas come from all around me. From the photos I take, the colours I spot, to the things people say and the pictures on my walls. You can find inspiration in everything, if you can’t look again.” Paul explains.

A leader of international design trends, Paul is renowned for his creative spirit. Through four immersive sections, discover Paul’s world with the Paul Smith iPad app.

‘My Eyes’ allows you to see the world from Paul’s perspective using your iPad’s camera to create custom Paul Smith patterns. ‘My Notes’ lets you flick through some of Paul’s own mottos before sending your own handwritten note to Paul. ‘My Staircase’ invites you to take a virtual tour of Paul’s London studio, and ‘My Inspiration’ demonstrates Paul’s love of taking photos linking photography to his design process.

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