Hong Kong Fashion Week Show: Ika Butoni presenting Autumn/ Winter 2014 Collection: ODE TO AUTUMN

The lifestyle of modern day – women have more and more a demanding part to play in the society they live in, positions to fill their space as: mothers, daughters, wives, in-laws, ministers, councellors, healers, proffessors/teachers, friends etc..

The society and the surroundings we live-in expect women to fill their status well, many times holding many positions at once. These all can be so suffocating.

Deep inside, there is that little side that women keep in ‘ their wardrobe’ ~ Another Side of Women ~

The Autumn/Winter 2014 20 set collection Ika Butoni is presenting ~ Another Side of Women ~
Ika likes to bring out her fun, carefree and loving side of herself.
For this season, she is using ‘Faux Cuire’ in many pieces of her collection. Other materials used are satin, printed jersey, velvet, chiffon, tafetta, lace etc.

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