“MILIN PUBLIC FIGURE” PRE-FALL 2018 – The phenomenal era of desirable is commencing. Making an entrance is a requirement to stand out from the crowd and everyone is keeping an eye on her, because being the epicenter is addictive and there is no right or wrong!

This Pre-fall 18 collection was inspired by the aesthetic of influencer culture that is emerging in the social media world. Significantly shift the direction of the fashion industry and influence supporters with exciting new ideas of fabulous outfit ensembles. The feeling of being recognized and appreciated by the way she does, talks, walks, and dresses; and being the one others look up to as a “Public Figure” is indulging and hard to resist.

Public figure’s is bringing the color juxtaposition trend back to life with sensible design that can be worn from day to night. To promote the fearlessness of mix and match the bold and pale colors together into a perfect combination, such as matching light pink colour Pale Mauve together with ocean blue colour Biscay Bay or matching greyish Shadow Blue with Shell pink a flashy orange pink undertone together, which will show the perspective and existence of oneself as a fixture for female public figure.