FashionShow : Accademia Italiana – Transition
Academy : Accademia Italiana
Venue : CentralWorld
Date/Time : 9 May 2013, 19.00

Accademia Italiana – Transition

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Poonyawee BOW Charuwatkul
This collection is inspired by the transition of cryovolcano which is found in the freezing area and the eruption of volatiles. You can see the outside but you never know what’s going on inside. I will reveal it!

THANYADA GAMM Ritthinumporn
I sit by the sea and wonder how the waves come and go the same as life does…The sense from the water cycle dawns on me. From mist to a drop of rain, falling in the sea, waves, assemble in the deep quiet ocean, becoming more complex in deeper degrees and then fade away into the mist again… as same as the truth of life ‘Rise, Exist, Vanish’ The research of Dr. Masaru Emoto ‘Hidden Message in Water’ and the sense of breath-taking atmosphere in the photography of ‘Obata Yuji’ inspired me. Water understands us and tries to communicate with us. The reference shows how water reflects our lives through the words and frequency, which we can’t hear. There’s also no boarder in languages that keep water away from us. The more kindly we speak to water, the more beautiful the reflection and the more beautiful the snowflake… which in turn changes the matter of water. But life is as same as water, up and down, come and go…. Nothing lasts forever…

PALADA PRADA Rattanananta
A transition of a color of flower is my inspiration based on a death of Japanese dancer “Kazuo ohno”, therefore I choose Japanese silhouette to created my collection, the transition from white flower into death brown has been added to the garment compare life with a flower,we grow fresh and dry up at the end, as they always say “we create from dust and get back to the dust” and how life look like before back to the dust. human are compares as a life time of flower.

The main inspiration for this collection is the Crystallization. For me, it is not only a science word to define a transition of one solid to another, but it is also the feeling you have when you hear that word. ‘’Crys’’ ‘’tal’’ ‘’lli’’ ‘’za’’ ‘’tion’’ it freezes you, surrounds you by that cold ashy smoke and locks you in a melancholic feeling. To break that dramatic emotion I used the colour white, my signature colour. I wanted my women to be pure, mature, sensual and above all fascinating.

From a world that everything is being combined to be smaller, smarter, more mobile, people need less space to carry more of their life. This collection is based on a mobile life when youth travels everywhere, bags and pockets become an integral part of and blend into garments. We package ourselves by synthetic covers we created, to not have to borrow from the nature where we’ve already taken too much. The transformation from natural softness to artificial geometric edgy, from rough thickness to transparence shows how human’s open their minds and reflect nature, in the same time hiding themselves by layers of protection against the physical environment around or against the weakness in their instinct

NICHA MILK Wangruangsatit
This collection explores the subtle transition of abandoned houses, Feelings of loneliness,emptiness and quietness. The once warm clean and bright houses being left to nothing. Slowly the place becomes dark and cold, leftwith just the bear stuctured. Turning this idea of abandonment viewing it as darkness and gloominess in a happier aspect. Seeing the beauty in the abandonment transition. This inspired for the palette of subtle. Resembling the old abandoned walls and the transition of new to old. Mixing minimalism with an ueban street and sporty style for a yiung, classic feel.

SIRINTRA NAMWAN Paikemsirimongkol
‘This collection portrays the transition of seasons when spring arises and the winter snow kisses goodbye, where each and every new life comes out once again to embrace the spirit of the earth ….’

The peppered moth like two twin sister’s have identical features but the only difference is one is black (Carbonaria) and the other is white with black spots (Typica).  The widespread of the industrial Revolution in England became popular making the lichen plant that was used as a camouflage by the Typica’s started to die off. Making the Typica vulnerable to predators and they slowly started to die off, while the Cabonaria starts to take its sisters place.  Telling this amazing story by camouflage colors, techniques, and Typica pattern. The confidence of the moth is when its camouflage and the garments camouflage shows that confidence of the wearer.

PANICHA PLOY Leenutaphong
The concept of this collection is ‘Transition’, a process or a period of changing from one state or condition into another. In Literature the term ‘Bildungroman’ is used as the state where the character in the novel makes a transition, both good and bad to a different state as from the beginning. By taking a character from ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Elizabeth, bringing her to a 2013 I created a collection with contemporary Elizabeth as my muse

ALEXIA De Lestrange
Young girl growing up, faces body changes and wants to look like her “perfect” Barbie dolls.  Yet beauty is not plastic. She struggles with self-acceptance being like a love-hate relationship.  Feeling suffocated by society’s expectations she changes a lot. Now she almost doesn’t look human anymore. Alienized, Barbie doll turned into a freaky doll.

Originally if we look into the background of the story, Pripyt was the town of the future that ended up as a ghost town and came back to life by wildlife taking over, but that is the story that is there, what about the change of humanity after the explosion? Well, humans started to change forms, that’s why I have designed to go for agronomical forms with smother shapes. The fabric choices came from the idea of the finalized collection, whereby form even though the shapes were conceptual, it still stayed a rather classy collection, hence the choice of fabrics having that vintage feel. The colors being black and gold were decided for the reason of both showing two sides of the world. One the dark world of destruction and second as sunlight that leads the way to a brighter future.

Dinosaurs that nature chooses gets transformed and sealed into the layers of sediment that tells us the journey of its dead traveler. From light grey to black are the reflections of the layers in time, which preserved the prehistoric creatures. Using a more loose fit to pull the eyes focus to the outfit’s detail such as cut outs and unique shapes. The different shape forms are left unstitched on the garments leaving a 3 dimensional effect imitating fossils in different forms retrieved from the layers of time.  The effect mimics the hardened features by using simple technique and adapting it in a contemporary way. Without the use of concrete structures and having the illusions in a 3D perspective makes the Ancient fossils come alive once again through out this collection.

NUTCHA ARMIE Sungvaribud
Urban jungle, city of metal and construction constantly and rapidly moving, producing and transforming. Alongside a hidden world of old and unwanted forms and extreme clutter of metal and mechanical wasteland. Mountains of junk and unwanted parts of the past taking up space. Fixed. No longer functional. Clutter, hoarded and left with no use or value, forgotten and abandoned to gather dust, decay and rust.

In the alternate world, during the 19th century, the mechanism of the machines became more complicated than before. Scientist embarked a secrative journey of invention and became seen as weird to public. Some had even gone mad by being so obsessed with success. This collection is inspired by steampunk, which is a subgenre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery, focusing on the mad scientists, who are so obsessed about inventing and developing the technological devices. The outfits are designed for handling the unexpected incidents which can occur at any time during the progress of an experiment or even a fight during the war. The details are made for improvising such as attaching the belts or gadgets, up to the person’s lifestyle.

NIRAYA ICE Chevasart
This collection is inspired from a haunted mansion, which represents many an array of contradicting elements such as creepiness, mystery, insanity, with hints of gothic style and great elegance. A transformation starts from a simple and minimalist outfit into something that very deep and rich, just like how one simple house transformed into a haunted maze mansion and is decorated by 3d metal triangle shapes to resemble the architecture and construction of the mansion. And to keep that haunted feeling Black is the main colour of this collection to reflect the dark side of the human mind.

Blue Marine
This collection is a juxtaposition of elegance & sports wear. My inspiration came from the ocean and scuba diving; mixing the flow of the waves and the carefree ocean with a more fitting and sharp sport look. The transition is from the fabrics; how I play with my fabrics and combine them to fit my elegant and sporty collection.

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