FashionShow : Bunka Academy, Shade of Elements
Academy : Bunka Academy
Venue : QSNCC
Date/Time : 28 June 2012, 13.00

Bunka Academy, Shade of Elements
Bunka Graduation # 5

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SET 1      Mes Champignons

This collection, “Mes Champignons” inspired by “Fly Agaric”, a kind of toxic mushrooms commonly found in literatures and tales.

When its round and curve silhouette tied with one of children’s classic tales “Little Red Riding Hood” can exceptionally reflect not only her innocence and tenderness on the outside, but also conceal her secrecy and bravery on the inside.

Designer : Salinrat Jittraphanthawee

SET 2      Glamourous Lace

                The Beauty of lace has remained just as strong as ever. The woven fabric is used to make Glamourous Lace which has represented luxury for decades. The Beauty and preciousness of lace are the inspiration for this collection which adapts modern style and classic style to present personality.

Designer : Chanyaporn Kaweenuntawong

SET 3      50’s 3D

                Pierre Cardin said that “For me, Fabric is nearly secondary. I believe first in shape, architecture, the geometry of a dress.” And this is the inspiration for this collection “50’s 3D” by using the idea “Smartly in the fifties. A tailored look every inch lady” and “Geometry” which is Origami and Smocking techniques. They are reflected to Three Dimensional Shape through 50’s fashion.

Designer : Panida Rattanithat

SET 4      Body Fish

                Body fish is inspired by shape and beautiful multicolour of golden fish which present movement and colour especially using the attractive shape of woman by painting and plastic multicolour  in shape which is called “Snap” technique.

Designer : Suwaree Theesaengdaeng

SET 5      Mermaid

                Mermaids are the angels of the ocean. Mermaids like to show their bodies above the surface of the ocean, they are intangible but everyone can experience them. Mermaid Collection strives to communicate women’s cool feminity, which is like the blue of the ocean. The sound of waves is replicated by the rustle of the fabric. The fabric’s shine represents the beauty of the moon.

Designer : Kanyarut Pannongbua

SET 6      Body Language

                Inspired from the human anatomy which has combination of symmetrical and asymmetrical, harmony and contrast mixture by nature illustrating, its flawless perfection. Our body demonstrates the influences of another perspective of nature that has two adverse aspects.

Designer : Maytiya Boonchai

SET 7      In Form In Shape

                This idea is inspired by geometry of world architecture from the Sydney Opera House in Australia. The style is adaptation between silhouette and magic pattern style which become very dimension texture in Avant-garde Style.

Designer : Nucharee Kiamkhao

SET 8      The Myth of Pandora’s Box

                Pandora is an ancient Greek story. God went down to earth and also passed the box to girl named Pandora. He made her promise never to open the box. But Pandora was very curious. She wanted to see what was inside of the box when she opened the box. These evil things flew out. Meanwhile, she was very sad then she heard voice in the box. It was hope. When she opened it again, Hope flew out into the world.

World needs Hope to protect us against envy, crime, hate and disease. Hope makes human to have more power to create new things. Hope is like diamond that inspired to texture and colour of design.

Designer : Manitta Runghirun

SET 9      Implied Line

                This Collection is inspired by Peter Gentenaar in Le Mystere de Paier Exhibition.  The emotion of project is both delicate and strong in the same time. Texture silhouette also shows Implied Line which makes the idea, emotion and imagination for Le Mystere de Paier. Main colour is which give birth to collection’s inspiration and imagination.

Designer : Sajeerat Chaishedthanachai

SET 10   Dream Weaver

                This Collection is inspired by local handicraft in Thailand by using the iidea of Folk Craft Patterned Weaving. Instead using other materials, this collection uses fabric to make Folk Craft Patterned. This fabric is not too thick texture but very colourful. The colours are black and yellow. The technique is the Crafting and the Layers of twill which represent the details of project very well.

Designer : Jeeraporn Noobankor

SET 11   Power of Simplicity

                Geometric figure is the base form of art. Independent, Simplicity & Aggressive express state of mine. This collection was created by these two elements.

Designer : Sutarat Boonsanong

SET 12   Arthropoda

It’s Spring/Summer collection which is inspired by impression in colour and the shape of Giant Mesquite which is found on mesquite trees in the Southwestern United states and throughout Mexico. These insects have the most beautiful wings. The idea to design  this collection has Modern Sophisticated Form which is Symmetry Line and Silhouette of insects. Also this collection uses texture technique by Spoon Art. The tone colour of this collection is Color Block style which contains white, black, orange and yellow.

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