Fashion Show : Irresistible 3, Rangsit University
University : Rangsit University
Venue : Central Chidlom, Event Hall
Date / Time :10 April 2007 ,18.00

Rangsit University : Irresistible 3

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01 Atthasorn Sriraksayothin
Concept : Neo-Peru

This collection mainly inspire by my interest in diverse identity of Peru. The inspiration base on Peru’s ethnics dress following by history, culture, architecture and myth. With this combination it creates the modern ethnics collection.

02 Rujikarn Boonbunchachoke
Concept : Mutant is sport

This collection is Casual Chic Elegance sophisticated sports, which is inspired by Aboriginal art. I get the concept ‘Mutation’ from supernatural ancestral beings with magical powers who Aboriginal people believes they are creator ancestors, made their world came into being. According to their beliefs, these supernatural beings inhabited the earth before human history began. The Earth had been flat, barren surface until these beings sculpted it, creating all the features of the landscape.

03 Nataya Wangchae
Concept : Eiffel

The Strength structure of the Eiffel tower is beautiful in it way. Just like today’s women.

04 Ketkanda Joraka
Concept : Street Yukata at Yukata Street

The Collection of ready-to-wear street style Yukata with the adaptation from only one normal Yukata pattern.

05 Thanapan Promsuwan
Concept : Welcome to My little Pony wonderland

The sweet and innocently story of My Little Pony is showing through the motifs and colors. While curved form of Equestrian’s equipments were use to create cloths patterns and cutting.

06 Parinya Sinrattana
Concept : Wearable illusions

The Collection of an experimentation ‘How to create the Wearable Optical Art’

07 Worapot Tangsamritkun
Concept : The Emperor’s new cloths

Creating the pre-invincible wardrobe with an inspiration from The Emperor’s new cloths. The Hans Christian Anderson’s tale from 1837

08 Thaniya Wongtavisuklert
Concept : C.19 Doll-Ribbon Play

Playing with silhouette and decorative details of 19 Century doll cloths.

09 Yanee Khumlue
Concept : Dedicated to my bitter-sweet imagination friend

This friend of mine told me to create this surrealist clothing collection. For women who wants to wear their imagination cloths.

10 Wimonrat Ongudomlak
Concept : Little Madam Renaissance

The special occasion children wears with the mixed of Humble and Luxury Renaissance influence

11 Threerapatp Twanbandid
Concept : OMG! Animatedly Donald duck

The interesting characteristic of Donald duck and the process of an animation making have been put together to create the mix and match collection of fun and playful clothing.

12 Thaweephong Teangtum
Concept : Fold your mind

Inspired by the dimension form of paper folding which represent layering and dept of human mind.

13 Jutaporn Aiamauttama
Concept : Architecture at Temple of the Emerald Buddha

The collection of real feminine cloths but with the influence of Thai architecture and decorative art.

14 Jittra Sribusarakam
Concept : The Gemology Zodiac

Taking an inspiration from the study of Gemstones and Zodiac which related to women life style and behavior, created by form and patterns of gemstone’s cut and dimension

15 Chanakarn Keawinsaun
Concept : Soviet Constructivism

This is a use of the art theory of constructivism and an industrial revolution in that age to be an inspiration to design by assumes to be a constructivism’s artist. A designer is not only an artist but can be an architect too. Then, the art work will emphasize in geometry structure, machinery structure and equipment including a social reflection (Russian becomes the Soviet Union). So the clothes will be an abstract in the line of geometry structure and will use the colors that can explain to the mood of the machine and the social in that age.

16 Juntharat Rattanakornworrakarn
Concept : The rhythm of grafity

This collection come out with a truly inspiration from the street grafity art and hip hop culture.

17 Titaree Wanichwattanakul
Concept : Hope

The all Thai Silk collection with different shades of blue to create image and dimensions of the Hope diamond.

18 Wassana Limphipat
Concept : The art of imitations

The project of re-creating High fashion symbolic from different decade to be a ready-to-wear street style fashion for today.

19 Mek Rattanakup
Concept : an indescribable familiar feelings

I’m trying to write the concept of this collection but it seems like I’ve already written it in the sudden future. Oh! I think Deja vu happening to me again.

20 Apitsada Kruakongka
Concept : Fascinating the Victorian Farewell

Inspired by the sadness emotion of Victorian era.


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