FashionShow : LOVEBIRD Hosts an Exclusive Preview S/S 14
Brand : LoveBird
Venue : S31 Hotel
Date/Time : 5 February 2014, 14.00

LOVEBIRD Hosts an Exclusive Preview S/S 14

Photo by Nattawat (Jade)

Anisha Attaskulchai, Founder and Designer of LOVEBIRD, hosts a special preview of the Spring/Summer 2014 Princess of the Sea collection. The event welcomes press and stylists to update the fashion brand’s latest trends before officially launching in March. This collection was inspired by the dazzling summer ocean and seashore, meticulously reflected in flirtatious yet graceful designs, at the 22nd Floor of The Roof Top, S31 Hotel.

Through the ideology that women are most beautiful when in love, all LOVEBIRD’s collections epitomize a story of a darling and delicate, yet sexy woman full of passionate love, and had received tremendous feedback from the fashionistas. The Spring/Summer 2014 Princess of the Sea collection was inspired by the story of an alluring, enigmatic woman who graciously emerged on the beautiful, white seashore from the bottom of the deep blue ocean. Dazzling in the radiant sunlight, her body is gorgeously adorned with pendants made from seashells. She makes a mesmerizing appearance amidst a beautiful summer of glistening sky, shimmering shore, and gentle waves.

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This collection’s silhouette plays with the delicate structure and shape of seashells and mermaid’s tail. The color palette is inspired by the radiant summer sky from dusk till dawn and its magical reflection upon the ocean surface, such as blue, coral, cream, grey and black. Portraying the glimmering ocean waves, the Princess of the Sea collection includes two print designs, two colors per print, consisting of Blue Ocean, Night Ocean, Golden Pearl and Black Pearl.

Apart from giving extra attention to the designs, LOVEBIRD also sees the importance of other details, such as quality fabrics and production process. The Spring/Summer 2014 collection incorporates only the best fabric selections, such as sheer silk, cotton polyester, and printed leather. With each distinct look, they incorporate up to three different fabrics to create a subtle balance for a relaxing summer holiday at the beach.

The enticing jewelries in the collection are aspired from the shapes and textures of seashells found at the vast ocean. Limited edition earrings and bracelets complete the look for the collection. The Princess of the Sea also features a range of shoes perfect for this summer, such as gladiators, platform heels and flats, mainly using rainbow leather delicately embellished with seashells, pearls and feathers.

LOVEBIRD not only reflects beauty through the artistry of this collection, but also embraces the personalities of the wearer exquisitely.

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