Congratulations Mister United Asia 2018 Grand Winner Boy Xayaveth of Laos. Runners-up are Misters India, Australia, Myanmar & Thailand
Pageant Location : Chaengwattana Hall  5.5 Fl.  Central Plaza Chaengwattana   Bangkok, Thailand
Pageant Date/Time : 29th July 2018 / 17.00
Number of Candidates : 17 Candidates

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Mister United Asia 2018: Boy Paanpasavth (Laos)
1st Runner Up: Manav Kashyap (India)
2nd Runner Up: Bronson Johnson (Australia)
3rd Runner Up: Don Miu Kha (Myanmar)
4th Runner Up: Pannapong Kongman (Thailand)

In Top 10
Risky Apryandy Suparman (Indonesia)
Hossein Gelami (Turkey)
Hassan Rathnayake (Sri Lanka)
Nguyen Quan (Vietnam)
Moose Nadeem (Pakistan)

Special Awards
Best in National Costume:
Winner: Mikhoiel Aduskho (Kazakhstan)
1st Runner-Up: Pannapong Kongman (Thailand)
2nd Runner-Up: Manav Kashyap (India)
3rd Runner-Up: Bronson Johnson (Australia)

Five Best in Thai Short Costume
Boy Paanpasavth (Laos)
Riki (Nepal)
Hassan Rathnayake (Sri Lanka)
Nguyen Quan (Vietnam)
Hossein Gelami (Turkey)

Best in Talent:
Winner: Hassan Rathnayake (Sri Lanka)
1st Runner-Up: (Malaysia)
2nd Runner-Up: (Iran)

Sponsor Award: Pannapong Kongman (Thailand)
Sponsor Award: Hossein Gelami (Turkey)
Sponsor Award: Nguyen Quan (Vietnam)
Popular Award
Winner:  Risky Apryandy Suparman (Indonesia)
1st Runner-Up:  Pannapong Kongman (Thailand)
2nd Runner-Up: Manav Kashyap (India)

Mister United Asia Top Awards by N-Siri & Signature
Winner – Boy Paanpasavth (Laos)
1st Runner-Up: Hassan Rathnayake (Sri Lanka)
2nd Runner-Up: Risky Apryandy Suparman (Indonesia)

Mister United Asia Shining Singers
Winner: Risky Apryandy Suparman (Indonesia)
1st Runner-Up: Don Miu Kha (Myanmar)
2nd Runner-Up: Nguyen Quan (Vietnam)

Mister United Asia Cute Boy
Winner: Don Miu Kha (Myanmar)
1st Runner-Up: (Malaysia)
2nd Runner-Up: Pannapong Kongman (Thailand)

Mister Body Perfect
Winner: Ka Vin Ree (Cambodia)
1st Runner-Up: Mikhoiel Aduskho (Kazakhstan)
2nd Runner-Up: Nguyen Quan (Vietnam)

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