FashionShow : The Mystic Night of Bollywood Glam
Brand : Sincere Jewelry
Venue : Kempinski Hotel
Date/Time : 16 November 2010, 18.30

Sincere Jewelry revealing its latest collection embodying the theme of Rajasthan
Featuring multiple diamond ornaments worth more than 100 million Baht
With Indian-style inspiration

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In the gala night entitled “The Mystique Night of Bollywood Glam”

Sincere Jewelry shop led by versatile businessperson Buppa Kingchatchaval reveals its new glittering collection of which the raw materials are from Jaipur – the Pink City of Rajasthan, India. The carefully selected gemstones are well designed to reflect the endless inspiration of Indian style. Worth more than 100 million Baht, the exquisite collection comprises of 22 sets of sparkling diamonds together with other attractive gemstones. The highlight of the collection is The Majestic Jaipur set made of 99.99 karat diamonds. The jewelry shop displays its latest collection in one of the most unforgettable gala nights entitled “The Mystique Night of Bollywood Glam”.

Buppa Kingchatchavalthe Managing Director of Sincere Jewelry shop – says that Sincere Jewelry is now Thailand’s premium brand name of jewelry shops with more than 50 years of successful stories that help command great trust from all jewel lovers. As a matter of fact, the brand is synonymous to meticulous craftsmanship with long experience as well as well-selected gemstones of high quality. The admirable reputation is even coupled with efficient service and impressive sincerity. In short, every single detail is carefully tended in order to ensure maximum satisfaction of all Sincere Jewelry customers who choose glittering ornaments under the label of Sincere Jewelry.

“We always present 3-4 new collections every year in order to write a new chapter in the history of jewelry business and promote the jewelry to be a part of all women’s lives. The latest collection aims at celebrating the New Year festival with all young and senior women and other diamond lovers. The whole collection is created from raw materials of high quality from Jaipur, India. Also known as The Pink City, Jaipur is well-known worldwide for its gemstone production. The designs of the latest collection are inspired by Bollywood Glam – the luxurious trend currently embraced worldwide.”
The talented executive adds “The prominence of this collection is the reflection of Indian mantra. The designs emphasize the mix-and-match of various gemstones including diamonds, ruby, emerald and gold. Moreover, the craftsmanship is meticulous, which is the prime signature of Indian jewelry.

“The latest collection comprises of 22 sets of ornament worth more than 100 million Baht. It is Thailand’s largest ever collection of gemstones from Jaipur. Each set is exclusive and unique. The highlight is called The Majestic Jaipur composed of 99.99 karat diamonds.”

The latest collection is presented in a gala night entitled The Majestic Night of Bollywood Glam. As the name implies, the concept and the ambience of the event is filed with memorable charm of the subcontinent. To be precise, every detail encompasses the luxury and mantra of Jaipur – the Pink City of Rajasthan, India. Surely enough, all models sashaying on the catwalk are donned in Indian-style attires reflecting the exotic and luxurious charm.

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