FashionShow : FASH-OLOGY S/S 2010
University : FASH, Srinakharinwirot U.
Venue : Srinakharinwirot U.
Date/Time : 8 June 2010, 17.00

Singha presents FASH by Srinahkarinwirot University
FASH-OLOGY s/s2010

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เป็นการแสดงออกถึง วิทยาการทางการออกแบบแฟชั่นของ Fashion at SWU house = FASH + Fashion-Ology แฟชั่นมิใช่เพียงการคิดประดิษฐ์ (Invention) เครื่องแต่งกายขึ้นมาเท่านั้น หากแต่ยังเป็นการคิดประดิษฐ์สร้างสรรค์สิ่งแปลกใหม่ (Innovation) รวมถึงความงามทางศิลปะ ผนวกรวมเข้าไว้ในศาสตร์เดียว

FASH-OLOGY (Fashion Design Thesis 2010)

ผลงานการออกแบบแฟชั่นของนิสิตชั้นปีที่ 4 วิชาออกแบบแฟชั่น คณะศิลปกรรมศาสตร์ วิทยาการออกแบบแฟชั่นของ Fashion at SWU house ที่เป็นศาสตร์แห่งการศึกษา ค้นคว้าง ทดลอง และศิลปะ จากแรงบันดาลใจใน 3กลุ่ม Thai Tradition, Conceptual Fashion Art, New Experiment ที่นิสิตต้องการนำเสนอมากกว่าผลงานการออกแบบเพียงอย่างเดียว แต่สามารถมองลึกลงไปได้ถึงความคิด และสังคมร่วมสมัย เรียกได้ว่า Fashion Study as Social Study

นักศึกษา 19คน จัดแสดงคนละ 6ชุด

Chatuporn Charoen-em

94 Sukumwit 62 Yak 5 Bangjak Prakhanong 10250 Bangkok Thailand

08 4077 8074

This collection is called “Misperception of a Real Object”,

in the name and the concepts are from the creating illusion of view theory or intersecting straight lines. Harmonization and arrangement of the line are caused of illusion and error recognizing, combined with the camouflage of animals.

Kanchit Chanachaipanitch

114 khanchanapisek road.bangkhae 10160 bangkok Thailand.

08 7513 2637

The Combination of Siamese Twin and pattern turn to a development of clothing. One dress can change it to another

one by adding parts to wear the cloth to create a different look in each design that you put on. And the organs and part that are not use are blend it to the design by the materials that are use to make it ready-to-wear in our day to day life

Tapana Choochartpong

195/8 Phetchaburi 5 Phetchaburi Road Rajdhevi Phayathai 10400 Bangkok Thailand

08 6962 4622

In 5400 – 4700 BC, The ancient stone figurines was found in current Europe called “Southern Siberia”. The founded stone figurines wore miniskirt that became to the beginning of many arguments of archeologists about this ancient kind of skirt. Therefore it become to Silhouette of this collection inspired by fashion in “Stone Age”.

Akarachai Suksakorn

71/92 Soi Chomthong 13 Chomthong Road Chomthong 10150 Bangkok Thailand

08 1581 5845

This project is Thai cotton development project. Since the clothes which are made of Thai cotton mostly aim to the consumer group ages over 30, so it is the inspiration of this concept which require the consumer group ages under

30 and not too formal. It makes me think of the childhood memory,so I bring the animation of Walt Disney into this concept that the clothes’ form designed to be joyful, lively, and look more casual.

Chanechira Yearmgosri

451/249 Naiklong Bangplakod Prasamutjadee 10290 Samutprakan Thailand

08 9769 6678

“Mohr Lum”, the Thai Northeastern performance that is unique and spiritual of Thai Northeastern people, inspired “The Spirit of Mama Rustic” collection. Taking out and mixing with lifestyle, performance and folk arts of them presented this collection.

Thunyaporn Surattanachaikarn

2/25 M.8 Bangpood Pakkred 11120 Nonthaburi Thailand

08 5133 6187

Haphazard Theory “ The child art is the basic cell of graphic art. The beauty of art without theory and rules on the basic pattern. ”

Siriporn Phutthaju

70/119 Soi Kantana, Pruksa 16 Villages Bangyai, 11140 Nonthaburi Thailand

08 4329 2772

“Avoidance of growth as adults is impossible. But if we keep good memories of childhood age, it would be a good thing.”

Jantraratn Na Wangkanai

888 M.4 Ruk 6 Mueng 12000 Pathumthanee Thailand

08 7800 0259

In this concept the inspiration came from the Aztec tribes in Mexico in the 14th-16th centuries and bringing there pattern in clothing which is geometry technique in cutting and draping and also bringing the tribes printing pattern of the Gods to combine it to make it in toa Ready-to-wear collection know as “QUETZALCOATL 2010”

Sorawut Pokung

2/2 Ramintra 75 Ramintra Road Kannayao Kannayao 10230 Bangkok Thailand

08 7976 0690

The theory of Robert Mckim, a writer and an imagery development teacher. He practices writing 2D lined to make a 3D picture which is similar to creating a pop-up paper, for training memory and imagination. Concurrently, the story of an anthropologist, Ross Parmenter,who use the imagination training theory of Mckim to study the history of mankind.

Parkin Sriwilai

333/95 Ratchadaphisek 36 Jatujak 10900 Bangkok Thailand

08 0626 9900

My inspiration is from a picture collection book, “Farang in Thai Art, N. at Paknam”. This book is about the historical image; painting, sculpture and architecture seamlessly blend between Thai culture and foreign cultures. There has been a concept that brought a different culture to inspired and created this design collection.

Pornpoj Noualkiaw

50/4 Kieattikul Road. Parknam Muang Krabi 81000 Thailand.

08 4063 4568

“If we just look through,what we’ll see are shapes and different designs.But if we look deep, we’ll realize, these geometric shapes are the perfect blend of pure mathematics with art space.”Playing shape and design repeatedly as overlapped pattern. And that can make us feel like these shapes are moving or transforming, so we have to look twice.That’s what we called an Islamic art.”

Pongpim Parjumpee

280/96 65 Condominium Soi Mahadthai Ramkhamhang 65 (Ladpraw 122) Wangthonglang 10310 Bangkok Thailand

08 9234 9118

Pablo Picasso is one of the famous artists who developed Cubism art. And his remarkable painting is “Les demoiselles d Avignon”. So this collection truncated the shapes, and uses the remaining essence of vision. The dimensions are from the corner edge of the geometric lined pattern, and that caused the new unnatural shapes.

Kanokporn Suthummachote

89/1137 Soi Nawamin 81 Buengkum 10240 Bangkok Thailand

08 4078 1026

All the inspiration and concept are from the future architecture form. And in consideration of global warming problem. Therefore, the principles of future architectural design is created a form of light filter for receiving the least of sunlight and developed from the natural pattern of coral when the sunlight hit it. It caused of new silhouette from an experiment of light direction by setting the mannequin in the sun.

Sunisa Sriparivatin

65 Ramintra 74 Ramintra Road Kannayao 10230 Bangkok Thailand

08 9043 2337

“ It’s a project about two lines of thinking, organization and relationship. One is a straight line, but broken intomany

fragments; the other is a tortuous line, but continuing indefinitely.” Daniel Libeskind, Jewish Museum Berlin

Varisa Tongkam

487/81 Soi Samran Rajaprarop Road, Rajateyvee 10400 Bangkok Thailand

08 9688 3844

From the installation “City scope” in Cologne, Germany Became the main concept for this collection. With the reflection fragments from the kaleidoscope . The basic pattern changed into new form making a new and Different silhouette.

Patararin Pongprasit

55/9 M.8 Bangwak Pasrijaruen 10160 Bangkok Thailand

08 7674 5043

“We are one of the most beautiful country and the most cultured but we forget it and turn to the Western.” What if . . . We still follow our culture and wearing our traditional dress in nowadays. What would it be when you wearing SABAI with trouser?

Krittaya Korppaiboon

62/2 Tessaban sai 5 Road Khlung 22110 Chanthaburi Thailand

08 6555 2026

This collection was inspired by primary structure of architectures especially a kind of structure called “Truss,” which has been frequently built up to be roof supports of large buildings like an Eifel tower, which was the prototype of Curtain Wall concept, and pre-fabricated structure like today’s roof support. Truss was chose to be the concept of this collection by simplifying sophisticated lines of real structures.

Orraphan Vanichkirati

1 Narkniwat 48 Yak 15, Soi Narkniwat Ladprao 71 10230 Bangkok Thailand

08 9049 9066

“Was inspired by the sculpture of a movement called ‘Kinematics’by the idea of creating a sculpture to the Concept of a garment that will be added to the kinematic motion, with the main building is a sculpture of Inverse. The selected development patterns with different shapes of sculpture. (Geometric shapes) to the form. Silhouette in the 60’s generation. A preeminent form Dresser He A…The short-term set of projects is clear”

Rojjayaorn Chatnaparat

45 M.10 Thongkok Songpeenong 72190 Suphanburi Thailand

08 6291 1660

This is development of arts study program called “Collage”. The art works of the Dada artist, Erwin Blumenfeld,

inspired a contemporary apparel design.This collection was cut and copied from needed parts, and brought the combination ofdifferences thingsfor against the basic reality visual.

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